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Download free Lite version, Full installation, Databases and Updates
of Aurora Borealis Draughts program!

NB! Some large downloads on this page are distributed via torrents and will require a torrent-client to download.
For example, uTorrent.

Free Lite version download

Aurora Borealis version 3.6 Lite setup (48 Mb) (April, 15 2015)

Completely free tool for users who do not need all the power of Professional version.

The installation contains some games and book databases, endgame databases up to 6 pieces.

Endgames Databases: 6 pieces (687 Mb - Torrents)

Install complete 6 pieces endgames databases for Lite version, all game variations.

Full version download

Aurora Borealis version 3.6.10 Professional full setup (4,5 Gb DVD - Torrents)

This DVD contains all games, books, learn databases and optimized endgame databases up to 8-10 pieces for all gametypes.

To use this DVD you need to have a license key CD version 2.9 or 3.x, or an activation key for an internet activation, or already activated 3.0.7 version or higher.

If you are the owner of license CD older than 2.9 version, please contact author for details about exchange.


Aurora Borealis version 3.6.10 Professional update (35 Mb) (April, 25 2015)

The latest update for both 32- and 64-bit Windows, the license and installaton type are detected automatically.

Update is available for disks 2.9 and higher, or activated version 3.0 and higher.

Databases for Aurora Borealis Draughts

These databases are already included on the latest installation DVD (see above). There is no need to download separated archives as soon as you have the DVD full installation.

Opening books: April, 2015 (145 MB) for version 3.0 and higher

Contains updated opening books (Russian, Brasilian, English, Czech, International, Spanish, Italian - about 37 millions positions in total). These databases also can be used with Lite version, you need to manually select the folder where the Lite version is installed.

Games databases: April, 2015 (37 Mb) for version 3.0.13 and higher.

Contains all databases with games - about 430 000 games.

  • International (2006)
  • Russian (2014)
  • English (2006)
  • Brasilian (2014)
  • Italian (2005)
  • Czech (2008)
  • Spanish (2007)