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What is Aurora Borealis draughts software?

"Aurora Borealis" is a well-known checkers database program with a built-in playing and analysing module that is incredibly convenient and easy to use. 15 years of development has made this program useful and easy to understand for both experienced and amateur players.

Today using multi-draughts version of "Aurora Borealis professional 3.6" you can work with 12 draughts variations (English, Italian, Russian, Brasilian, Czech, Pool, Spanish, Thai, International, Frisian, Spantsireti and Canadian), play with advanced computer partner, analyse, easily comment games and create your own games databases!

Read about the advantages of "Aurora Borealis professional". You may also download full version with databases right now and register the program!

Important notes


Unfortunately, since February, 2015 an option of reactivation "Aurora Borealis" after 4 months since previous activation using internet-activation key is not available anymore. All released keys are for a single activation only. However, activation key owners can have a 15 EUR discount upgrading to DVD version and also can order additional activations for released keys, for as low as 10 EUR for 1 activation and 15 EUR for 2 activations (maximum 10 activations per key are available).

Endgame databases

All additional endgame DVDs are nor available anymore on download page, as soon as new 3.6 DVD contains optimized endgame databases for better performance and lower memory usage.

These DVDs along with 347GB full HDD archive with all endgame databases are still available for download in torrents but all links were removed from download page. If you wish to download some of those databases or full archive please contact by email to get the torrent files. Seeding of large databases (DVDs and HDD archive) will be finished on February, 15!

Complete set of endgame databases is available in torrents for free download. All files from external 1TB HDD were compressed into a 347GB 7-zip archive.

It contains (uncompressed):

  • Brasilian WDL10 pc + MTW 7 pc - 137 Gb
  • Czech WDL8+MTW7 - 11 Gb
  • English WDL8+MTW7 - 17 Gb
  • International WDL8+MTW6 - 148 Gb
  • Italian WDL9+MTW6 - 11 Gb
  • Pool WDL9+MTW7 - 27 Gb
  • Russian WDL10+MTW7 - 139 Gb
  • Spanish WDL9+MTW7 - 35 Gb
  • Spantsiretti WDL8+MTW6 - 22 Gb
  • Thai WDL8+MTW7 - 9 Gb

All databases uncompressed will require about 600 Gb of Free space and several hours for extracting. Please note though these databases are compatible with 3.0 version, it is highly recommended to use them with 3.5 version only.

Get the torrent file to download.



Update 3.5 beta 7 for Win64

July, 24 2014

Fixed: fonts for game and database panels; engine plays better using WDL endgame databases; users can edit engine's parameters.

Engine guide, Download page

Updates 3.0.26 and 3.5 beta 5

January, 2 2014

A new update is available. Version 3.0.26 for 32-bit Windows has the only change - a support of new Windows 8.1 R2. Version 3.5 beta 5 for 64-bit Windows also has Win8.1R2 support and some implementations, as database functions, multiple GIF export, play levels.

Full endgame databases on HDD

November, 19 2013

1TB external USB3 HDD with full endgame databases (incl. 8pc Int, 10pc Rus and Braz) is 100 EUR with shipping. If you'd like to order the HDD with CD+DVD kit, it will be 60 EUR extra. I.e., CD+DVD+HDD+activation key+shipping = 130 EUR.

10pc endgame database for Brasilian

August, 14 2013

10 pieces endgame database for Brasilian game has been finished. All details available on Brasilian confederation website. Version 3.5 beta 3 for 64-bit Windows is available for testing.

10pc WDL database for Russian

May, 19 2013

On download page you can download a part of 10-pieces WDL endgame database for Russian game.

8-pieces WDL EB for International

March, 7 2013

8pc WDL has been finished. Its full size is 142 Gb. Men-only part (4x4 and 5x3, 757 mb compressed) is available on download page in torrents.